A beginner’s guide to online slots Malaysia

Playing slot online Malaysiais very simple; you click on a button and see reels spinning. When reels stop, you look for identical symbols in the reel. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

If you want to play online slots but you’re new to the online games, you might be interested in reading about how to play slots online to have a better understanding on the games. It isn’t complicated to play slots online but having prior knowledge on the game is advantageous.

The basics

Are you familiar with the Classic Slot Machine with three reels spin? It has three rows with three reels in each row. All the three rows spin, when the machine starts and result is determined from the middle reel. If all the three reels in the middle reel have identical symbols, the player is declared winner. But online slots are different from their traditional counterparts in number of reels and winning streaks.

Do you know that online slots Malaysia are also called Video Slots? A video slot has five reels in three rows. The spinning starts with click of mouse and the player gets multiple winning options instead of one option. Where classic machine shows winning combination of identical reels in the middle row, the online machine shows tens of identical reels in straight, diagonal and zigzag lines. So, when you’re playing slots online, you’re more likely to emerge victorious in comparison to its traditional counterpart.

What are the pay lines?

Identical reels on the three rows are called winning lines and usually there from nine to thirty winning lines on an online gaming machine. Multiple winning lines increase winning chances. But you have to buy the winning lines before start of the game. Here you need to be careful while signing up with an online casino as you could be forced to buy a minimum number of winning lines.

Your investment on winning lines per spin will increase with number of lines. If you bet for 1 line, you will pay for 1 line per spin and if you choose 6 winning lines, you will pay for 6 lines per spin. But playing for more winning lines isn’t always beneficial. There are conflicting information on how many winning lines should a player choose. As a player, it’s your decision and you should be better informed on how to choose your winning lines.

How to pay for wining lines?

You start playing slot online Malaysia by choosing a bet amountand you choose a minimum and maximum bet amount. It is called point where point refers to the local currency of the country you are playing from. For instance take 0.5 to 100 coins that are point. It shows you have to option to bet on a half coin every spin or you could choose betting 100 coins on every spin or in between the minimum and maximum betting point.

How the machine behaves?

When you click on the play button, the music kicks in and the reels start rolling. Your eye balls move with the reels and soon the machine displays the winning lines. If you win, you cheer up and if you lose, you can consider making better options next time. It is a wonderful and most popular of all online games. Its advantage is that, it can’t be manipulated. You’ve rely purely on your luck to see the winning streaks.

Play with free money

To enjoy online slot, you need buying membership of an online casino but there is little need to worry about the membership fee as you can become a free member and also get some free money to gamble. 

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