Saturday, 18 March 2017

Free casino money: What is it and how it is advantageous for casino industry?

No deposit bonus is free money provided by online casinos at the time of account opening. This bonus is quite popular among online casino enthusiasts as it is absolutely free and the players are allowed to spend the bonus amount on any game.

If you’re interested in enjoying a casino game without spending anything from your pocket then keep reading about free bonus amount and its advantages and also find a no deposit bonus casino Malaysia that provides highest amount in bonus and also that has largest selection of online casino games.

Is no deposit money really free cash?

The no deposit bonus is offered under different names like Free Bonus, Free Cash Bonus, 10 USD Free, 5 USD Free and the list goes on. Now the question is whether the money is really free or it is cleverly charged by the players. The answer is both yes and no. It is free as the money is provided at the time of account opening and the player isn’t forced to deposit even a single penny in his account. Also there is no restriction on using the free money. So, it is absolutely free.

We also said that the money isn’t free as it is provided only for playing and the player isn’t allowed to withdraw the bonus amount in any condition. You can win with free money but the winnings can’t be transferred to bank account or ewallet. But you can keep playing with bonus amount. In this way, you can way that it isn’t free.

What if I want to withdraw winnings of bonus amount?

You won’t think of withdrawing the bonus amount until it grows with winnings. When you’ve plenty of dollars in your casino account, you’ll certainly want to withdraw the winnings. The no deposit bonus carries a wagering requirement for withdrawal. For instance, the casino will want you to spend a certain amount from your pocket before withdrawing the winnings from the bonus amount.

The wagering requirement of a Malaysia casino no deposit bonus could be 10x or 20x of the bonus amount.And once this requirement is met, you’re free to withdraw even the whole amount from your casino account. Also you don’t need spending the wagering range at one-go. The online casino will allow you to spend the wagering range over a period of time and on different games.

What is the catch?

Amazed why online casinos give free money when they’re getting nothing from the player. It is the wagering requirement that is the catch or benefit of the casino. The online casinos need winners and not losers. If you’re a winner, you’ll certainly want to withdraw your winnings and to withdraw money from your casino account, you need meeting the minimum wagering requirement. In other words, you need spending a certain amount on the casino. The online casino will allow you to withdraw your winnings only when you give business to the casino.

If you’re a lower then you won’t win any amount and withdraw but you won’t regret playing casino games as you won’t lose anything. The casino will give you free money for playing or trying your luck on the casino games. If you like the game and want to continue, you can add more money from you pocket to your casino account and keep playing.

Advantage of free money for players

It is for beginners that are afraid of investing their hard earned money on casino games. With Malaysia online casino no deposit bonus, you can fulfill your desire of playing casino games without risking your savings. Also the free money could be used for trying new games.


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Friday, 17 March 2017

What is a live casino Malaysia and why is it called live facility?

Online casinos are also known as virtual casinos. They’re online versions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. But the online casinos can be described simply as playing casino games through Internet. But the advantage of gambling websites is higher payback than conventional gambling in physical facilities.

Is online gambling popular?

In a nutshell, yes it is popular and more and more gamblers are taking to online gambling day-by-day. But a peep into the online world of gambling gives a different picture. Some sites are getting huge business while others are struggling to get noticed. Gamblers are willing to wager online but only in a live casino Malaysia that gives the feel of real gambling.

What is live gambling online?

Here you enter into a physical gambling club through your PC and enjoy playing in the club but in reality, you’re in the comfort of your home. You’ve co-players and also there is croupier in the club. You are provided the feel, thrill and experience of gambling in real but you’re in the confines of your home. Technology has made it possible to play live in a club even without accessing the club.

How a live gaming website works?

A live gaming site needs a setup to broadcast real games to computers. Usually a three-room setup is used for video streaming. First is a studio where the setup is made and second is server/software room from where the live telecast is made and the third is analyst that monitors the process. Live gaming sites employ more persons than their physical counterparts. They need software professionals to ensure that technically everything works perfectly and also they hire adjudicators to settle disputes between players and croupiers.

A live casino Malaysia is a physical club that gamblers can access through their computers and mobiles. A further classification of real gambling sites can be made according to the games offered. It is learnt that most real-gambling-sites offer limited games due to high cost involved in live streaming. But some websites offer a good number of exciting games including popular games like poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines.

You can see the croupier dealing with cards, rolling dice and spinning the roulette wheel. Also you can chat with your croupier and even with fellow gamblers. The feel you get is real as you can behave just like you do in a physical club. Once you get the feel of live gambling, you won’t want visiting any brick and mortar facility.

What are the advantages of live gambling?

It won’t be wrong to say that serious gamblers prefer gambling live on their computer screens. Its biggest advantage is that you gamble from the comfort of your home.

Other advantages are:

·         You don’t have to worry about your dress, appearance or facial expression
·         You can gamble without getting distracted
·         No unnecessary spending like on drinks and snacks
·         Time saving as you can save your travel time
·         Higher payoff
·         Maintain secrecy
·         Keep a tab over your spending on gambling

Online gambling websites give bonus amount that is free money. You can opt for no deposit bonus that allows opening account without putting any amount in the account. But you need meeting a wagering requirement in order to become eligible for withdrawing money from your gambling account.

How to choose a live gambling studio?

If you want to enjoy online gambling to the full and also you want to earn quick money from gambling then you need taking membership of a live casino Malaysia. Find the best gambling facility by shopping around and comparing live gambling sites. Your focus should be on two factors that are games available and wagering requirement.  


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

The safest and profitable of gambling online

A physical casino is like an amusement park with exciting games for entertainment. An ambiance is created with lights and also drinks are offered to help gamblers focus on the game. Some big casinos have separate rooms for elite customers. Casino used to be a place for elite class of society some years back but online version of casinos made gambling public entertainment facility.

History of casino gambling

Signs of gambling are found well before recorded history. It developed into modern casinos that treat rich and affluent only. A casino is a facility for gambling but it is very expensive and also its working process is very cumbersome. But future of gambling lies in web based casinos where people of all ages and financial background can enjoy online gambling Malaysia.

Today every physical casino has its online version and also there are websites dedicated to gambling. It can be said that the concept of web casino is at its nascent age and it has to cover a long distance before it develops into a fully functional facility. The biggest hurdle in the development of web-casinos is presence of poor gambling sites that offer nothing in terms of entertainment but charge high price from gamblers.

How online casinos work?

There are different types of websites like some sites need to be downloaded while others provide live gambling from physical casinos. Web-casinos offer more games than their land-based counterparts and also online gamblers are offered free money called bonus. What is more exciting about online casino games is that they are more affordable than the games at physical casinos.

Online gamblers spend thousands of dollars on gambling but when it comes to withdrawing winnings, they’ve to meet wagering requirement that is spending a certain amount on games and this amount could be excessively high. It is where gamblers need to be very careful before opening their gambling accounts with web-casinos.

Which online casino game is most popular?

It is slot game online Malaysia that is most popular of all casino games. Slot is a machine with three reel rows but online slot has more reels and more winning opportunities. A physical slot machine has only three rows and the winning combination appears in the middle row. But online slot has tens of winning combinations and these combinations appear in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even in zig zag lines.

Playing slot online on a live casino is a luxury. You enter into the casino through your desktop and enjoy live gaming from the comfort of your home. You sit before your computer but get the feel of casino.If your website is reliable, it won’t put difficult wagering requirement for cashing your winning. But if the site isn’t user-friendly then you’ll find it very difficult to withdraw your winnings.

Who can play online casino games?

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos have no way to determine age of gamblers. But online casinos ask the gamblers to confirm their age before entering the gaming sites. Like traditional casinos, online casinos also allow only adults to open account and play games.

For playing online casino games, you need opening a gambling account with a live casino and put some money in the account. But you can also take advantage of a no deposit account as you’ll get bonus money for playing casino games. Once you are a member, you can enter into the casino and enjoy online gambling Malaysia. And once your wagering requirement is met, you can start drawing your winnings from your account. If you want, you can download casino app on your mobile for mobile gambling.


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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Some reasons for playing online slots

So, you want to know why slot machine is the most popular of all casino games. Slot machine is a game and its advantage is that it makes quick cash. But gamblers play slot for enjoyment and moneymaking is a secondary concept with this game.

Here are the biggest advantages of playing slots

·         It is a great pastime activity. You won’t feel bore or tired even after playing with slot machines for hours. Every time, you’ve a jackpot, you’ll see a different combination on the screen. And you’ll be surprised to know that online slots Malaysia have dozens of winning combinations in different patterns like vertical, horizontal, diagonal and zig-zag.

·         Profit making is also an advantage and some people play slot only for quick cash. Every time you hit jackpot, your pocket is filled with load of cash. And online slots provide more opportunities of winning. It has more winning combinations that its three reel traditional counterpart. When you play online slot, you automatically make profit.

·         Networking is also an advantage of playing live slots. Playing live is like playing in a traditional casino. You enter into the casino from your computer and join the growing community of slot players. It is an opportunity to socialize with likeminded people and develop your business and professional contacts.

·         Slot machines are quick. The game starts and concludes within minutes. It is fast and for this reason popular. You don’t have to wait for others to play their game as you play with a machine. You start the machine by paying the price and wait for the results that are displayed on your computer screen.

·         When you play slot online Malaysia, you don’t feel defeated as you play with a machine and not with a human. The machine uses artificial intelligence that is difficult to predict. No one can ever predict how a slot machine will behave and for this reason, players have to rely on their luck for winning.

·         It is the cheapest casino game to play. You won’t have to be a rich person to play slot machine and nor do you need fearing to lose all your money on slot machines. You can tactfully budget your slot machine budget and keep enjoying the game. None of the casino games is as affordable as slot machine is.

·         Slot machines offer a diverse range of gambling opportunities. You won’t have to play with one type of machine all time. You can change your machine and the game according to your mood and taste.

These are some of the biggest advantages or attractions of playing slot machines. But every slot enthusiast has different reasons for playing with slots. Once you start playing slots, you can’t resist the temptation of playing with machine and winning dollars in shortest possible time.

So, how will you start playing slot machine games?

You need opening gambling account with an online casino that has live gaming facility. Here you’ve an advantage that free sign up bonus. You will get free money to play with slots at the time of account opening and the bonus money could be up to anything from $5 to $100. It is called no deposit bonus and you can enjoy free gaming with free money.

Precaution to be taken with slot machines

Gambling could be habit forming and once you start winning; you can’t resist yourself from playing. It is where you need taking precaution with online slot Malaysia. Don’t let the slot machine guide your emotions and take it as just another online game that you should play only when you feel discouraged.


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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Some amazing facts about free sign-up casino bonus

Casino sign-up bonuses are welcome bonuses offered by gambling websites as a welcome gesture to the new members. It can be also said that welcome bonus is a way to attract gamblers to online casinos. A certain amount is credited to new gambling accounts and most websites offer “match bonus” to welcome new members.

What is match bonus?

Malaysia online casino free sign up bonus matching with the account opening amount is called match bonus. Let’s understand it with an example. A gambler opens his account with $100 and he’s promised 200% match bonus. The casino will credit $200 to his account as bonus and the gambler will have $300 to play with. It is a big incentive.

Casino bonuses can be classified into two broad categories:

·         Cashable sign-up bonus: Amount you can keep after meeting the wagering requirement
·         Non-cashable sign-up bonus: Amount you can only play with and not keep even after winning

What does a sign-up bonus mean exactly?

Simply put, it is free money offered by casinos. You open your gambling account with $100 and you get another $100 as bonus and you get $200 to play with. But there is a wagering requirement added to the bonus amount and you have to meet this requirement in order to withdraw your winnings.

So, what’s the wagering requirement?

Casinos want gamblers to spend a certain amount before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. This condition is called wagering requirement and it is described in two ways – multiple of the bonus amount and multiple of the sum of the deposit and bonus. Most casinos use the first form to specify the wagering requirement.

If your bonus amount is $100 and you’re wagering requirement is 20xB then you need spending 20x of the bonus that is $2000 but you need not meeting the wagering requirement at one-go. Since wagers are cumulative, you can spend $2000 over a period of time and over different games. Once the wagering requirement is met, you can withdraw your winnings.

Is it a trap?

The online casino industry is becoming popular day by day and the popularity is reducing the need to offer Malaysia online casino free signup bonus. Also you can see that the wagering requirement of casinos has increased over the years. The casinos are also limiting choice of games for claiming bonus amount.

“You open your gambling account and claim bonus and then go on playing low edge games like poker and blackjack until you meet your wagering requirement and once the requirement is met, you withdraw whatever amount is left in your account”

Gamblers are now trapped in bonus offers with high wagering requirements and restrictions over playing low edge games. They end up paying more than they get and meet their wagering requirements. Heavy wagering requirement can’t be met in short time and you need patience to play for long time to meet the requirement.

Piece of advice from an expert gambler

Don’t claim bonus, if you want to withdraw your winnings soon after winning and also you want to play the game of your choice then forget about bonus and open account with an online casino that provides you freedom of choice and opportunity to withdraw your winnings according to sweet will then play without free money.

Malaysia online casino free sign up offer with free money is a trap but not all online casinos are equal. In reality, the casino industry has become cumbersome due to competition. The casinos are struggling to get an edge over others and in this rat race they’re using sign-up bonus as a trap.

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