Some amazing facts about free sign-up casino bonus

Casino sign-up bonuses are welcome bonuses offered by gambling websites as a welcome gesture to the new members. It can be also said that welcome bonus is a way to attract gamblers to online casinos. A certain amount is credited to new gambling accounts and most websites offer “match bonus” to welcome new members.

What is match bonus?

Malaysia online casino free sign up bonus matching with the account opening amount is called match bonus. Let’s understand it with an example. A gambler opens his account with $100 and he’s promised 200% match bonus. The casino will credit $200 to his account as bonus and the gambler will have $300 to play with. It is a big incentive.

Casino bonuses can be classified into two broad categories:

·         Cashable sign-up bonus: Amount you can keep after meeting the wagering requirement
·         Non-cashable sign-up bonus: Amount you can only play with and not keep even after winning

What does a sign-up bonus mean exactly?

Simply put, it is free money offered by casinos. You open your gambling account with $100 and you get another $100 as bonus and you get $200 to play with. But there is a wagering requirement added to the bonus amount and you have to meet this requirement in order to withdraw your winnings.

So, what’s the wagering requirement?

Casinos want gamblers to spend a certain amount before they are allowed to withdraw their winnings. This condition is called wagering requirement and it is described in two ways – multiple of the bonus amount and multiple of the sum of the deposit and bonus. Most casinos use the first form to specify the wagering requirement.

If your bonus amount is $100 and you’re wagering requirement is 20xB then you need spending 20x of the bonus that is $2000 but you need not meeting the wagering requirement at one-go. Since wagers are cumulative, you can spend $2000 over a period of time and over different games. Once the wagering requirement is met, you can withdraw your winnings.

Is it a trap?

The online casino industry is becoming popular day by day and the popularity is reducing the need to offer Malaysia online casino free signup bonus. Also you can see that the wagering requirement of casinos has increased over the years. The casinos are also limiting choice of games for claiming bonus amount.

“You open your gambling account and claim bonus and then go on playing low edge games like poker and blackjack until you meet your wagering requirement and once the requirement is met, you withdraw whatever amount is left in your account”

Gamblers are now trapped in bonus offers with high wagering requirements and restrictions over playing low edge games. They end up paying more than they get and meet their wagering requirements. Heavy wagering requirement can’t be met in short time and you need patience to play for long time to meet the requirement.

Piece of advice from an expert gambler

Don’t claim bonus, if you want to withdraw your winnings soon after winning and also you want to play the game of your choice then forget about bonus and open account with an online casino that provides you freedom of choice and opportunity to withdraw your winnings according to sweet will then play without free money.

Malaysia online casino free sign up offer with free money is a trap but not all online casinos are equal. In reality, the casino industry has become cumbersome due to competition. The casinos are struggling to get an edge over others and in this rat race they’re using sign-up bonus as a trap.


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