Free casino money: What is it and how it is advantageous for casino industry?

No deposit bonus is free money provided by online casinos at the time of account opening. This bonus is quite popular among online casino enthusiasts as it is absolutely free and the players are allowed to spend the bonus amount on any game.

If you’re interested in enjoying a casino game without spending anything from your pocket then keep reading about free bonus amount and its advantages and also find a no deposit bonus casino Malaysia that provides highest amount in bonus and also that has largest selection of online casino games.

Is no deposit money really free cash?

The no deposit bonus is offered under different names like Free Bonus, Free Cash Bonus, 10 USD Free, 5 USD Free and the list goes on. Now the question is whether the money is really free or it is cleverly charged by the players. The answer is both yes and no. It is free as the money is provided at the time of account opening and the player isn’t forced to deposit even a single penny in his account. Also there is no restriction on using the free money. So, it is absolutely free.

We also said that the money isn’t free as it is provided only for playing and the player isn’t allowed to withdraw the bonus amount in any condition. You can win with free money but the winnings can’t be transferred to bank account or ewallet. But you can keep playing with bonus amount. In this way, you can way that it isn’t free.

What if I want to withdraw winnings of bonus amount?

You won’t think of withdrawing the bonus amount until it grows with winnings. When you’ve plenty of dollars in your casino account, you’ll certainly want to withdraw the winnings. The no deposit bonus carries a wagering requirement for withdrawal. For instance, the casino will want you to spend a certain amount from your pocket before withdrawing the winnings from the bonus amount.

The wagering requirement of a Malaysia casino no deposit bonus could be 10x or 20x of the bonus amount.And once this requirement is met, you’re free to withdraw even the whole amount from your casino account. Also you don’t need spending the wagering range at one-go. The online casino will allow you to spend the wagering range over a period of time and on different games.

What is the catch?

Amazed why online casinos give free money when they’re getting nothing from the player. It is the wagering requirement that is the catch or benefit of the casino. The online casinos need winners and not losers. If you’re a winner, you’ll certainly want to withdraw your winnings and to withdraw money from your casino account, you need meeting the minimum wagering requirement. In other words, you need spending a certain amount on the casino. The online casino will allow you to withdraw your winnings only when you give business to the casino.

If you’re a lower then you won’t win any amount and withdraw but you won’t regret playing casino games as you won’t lose anything. The casino will give you free money for playing or trying your luck on the casino games. If you like the game and want to continue, you can add more money from you pocket to your casino account and keep playing.

Advantage of free money for players

It is for beginners that are afraid of investing their hard earned money on casino games. With Malaysia online casino no deposit bonus, you can fulfill your desire of playing casino games without risking your savings. Also the free money could be used for trying new games.



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